IB Middle Years Programme at International School Laren

Middle Years Programme

​​​​​​​​MYP-Eng.pngThe IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) welcomes students from age 11 onwards. The MYP at International School Laren​ is a four year programme preparing students for the IB Dipl​oma Programme. MYP students study eight subject areas including at least two ​languages, humanities, sciences, mathematics, arts, physical education and technology. 

Each subject emphasises the MYP's fundamental principles to student learning which are:​
  • Holistic learning - accentuating the interrelatedness of one subject to another while, at the same time, thoroughly studying each subject discretely.
  • Intercultural awareness - considering and understanding multiple perspectives in a bid to foster tolerance, respect and empathy.
  • Communication - developing inquiry and understanding, reflection and expression through all subjects. This is represented in the form of ICT and visual and performing arts as well as through language communication.
At the end of the Middle Years Programme, students can apply for entrance to the IB Diploma Programme.​